There are four levels of awards. The award is a certificate. Versatility Awards are awarded on an annual basis to Club members & their dogs.
Rhodesian Ridgebacks must either be CKC registered, or have obtained a CKC Performance Event Number (PEN). A copy of registration certificate and/or PEN certificate must accompany first set of certificates for versatility titles.

Bronze Versatility Dog

Silver Versatility Dog

Gold Versatility Dog

Master Versatility Dog

Requirements (see list of activities and point schedule below):
Bronze: At least 15 points total, in at least 2 disciplines
Silver: At least 25 points total, in at least 3 disciplines
Gold: At least 40 points total, in at least 4 disciplines and must have a Ch. in at least 2 disciplines (ex. Conformation Ch & OTCh…)
Master: At least 50 points total, in at least 5 disciplines and must have a Ch. in at least 1 discipline and a GCh or equivalent in another discipline
Please note that points are cumulative over the lifetime of the dog. Example: you earn 10 points in one calendar year, and 20 points in the following year and you meet the requirements of those points being earned in at least 3 disciplines means your dog is eligible for the Silver Versatility Dog title. If the following year, you earn another 10 points in at least 4 disciplines total, your dog earns its Gold Versatility title.

Champion= 8 points
GCh= 10 points
Anything higher than GCh=15 points

PreNovice= 2 points
CD= 5 points
CDX= 7 points
UD/OTCh= 10 points OTChX or higher= 15 points

Rally Obedience
Novice= 3 points
Advanced= 5 points
Excellent= 7 points
Master= 9 points
RCh= 12 points

Title in Novice= 3 points
Title in Intermediate= 5 points

Title in Excellent= 7 points
Title in Master Excellent= 9 points
Agility Master Ch= 10 points
Anything higher than AG MCH= 15 points

Lure Coursing (CKC or ASFA or UKC equivalents)
Novice Courser= 3 points
Advanced Courser= 7 points
Field Champion= 10 points
Anything higher than FCh= 15 points
TD= 5 points TDX= 10 points UTD=5 points UTX=10 points TCh=15 points

Novice Sprinter= 3 points
Sprinter= 5 points
Advanced Sprinter= 7 points
Sprinter Excellent= 9 points
Anything above Sprinter Excellent= 12 points

Scent Detection (CKC or equivalent titles with SDDA)
Scent Detection Instinct= 2 points Scent Detection Novice= 5 points Scent Detection Open= 7 points Scent Detection Excellent= 10 points Scent Detection Master= 15 points

Barn Hunt
Novice= 3 points
Open= 5 points
Senior= 7 points
Master= 9 points
Anything higher= 12 points

Trick Dog Titles
Novice= 2 points Intermediate=3 points Advanced= 4 points Expert= 5 points
Trick Dog Champion= 7 points

*If there is not an actual Ch. Title in a discipline the highest level will equal a Ch. status. Example: Scent Detection Master title would count as a Ch. in that discipline.
An instinct certificate (ex. Herding Instinct, Barn Hunt Instinct, etc. = 2 points and would count as a separate discipline)

CGN or CGC or TT= 2 points (doesn’t count as a discipline)
All other CKC performance titles will be considered for points. Please contact Tina/Diana to find out how many points those titles will earn your dog.
Please see examples below to calculate points:
Dog obtains the following titles in 2019:
Ch. + CD + CGN = 2 disciplines, and 8+5+2= 15 points and is a bronze level.
Now say the same dog earns the following in 2020:
Scent Detection Instinct+ Novice Courser + CDX: 2+3+7= 12 points + 15 points from 2019 for a total of 27 points in 4 disciplines and is now at the Silver level.
And then if the same dog completes the following in 2021:
Advanced Courser + FCh, it would have earned 7+10=17 more points, be a Champion in 2 disciplines and so would move up to Gold level.
Send photos/scans of your certificates, titles and other proof of success to Tina Andreatos via email at: as soon as you & your Ridgeback have earned enough points in the number of disciplines necessary to fulfill the requirements of any Versatility level. We very much look forward to hearing of your success with your hound(s)! We would also like to share these accomplishments with our members so please send along a photo of you & your dog and Titles earned to publish in the roster.