Policy on RRCEC Breeder Page Listing


To be listed on the RRCEC Breeder page on the RRCEC website (www.ridgebackcanada.com) individuals are required to meet the following :


Owner –

  • Have been a member of RRCEC, in good standing, for two years, or more;
  • If new to the area, have been a member of a National or Regional Rhodesian Ridgeback club;
  • Adhere to the RRCEC Code of Ethics;
  • Be a member in good standing of the CKC;
  • Be active in and support, Club activities;
  • Have participated in Conformation and/or Performance events sponsored

by various local, regional or national clubs;

  • Have at least one breeding aged bitch (2yrs) that has health clearances, or have previously bred a litter/litters from ridgebacks that have met the health criteria below:



All breeding dogs (both sexes) should be registered with the CKC and have the following minimal clearances prior to the breeding:


  • OFA hips (fair or better) & elbows (normal)
  • known DM status and breedings done to avoid producing affected individuals (carriers only bred to clear)
  • Other recommended tests:
    • OFA thyroid panel
    • OFA or equivalent eye clearance
    • OFA cardiac
    • EOAD testing



Payment to the Club for listing on the website:  $25.00