The majority of the membership is made up of pet owners who want to enjoy their Rhodesian Ridgeback as a member of their family. The Club holds many fun events around the membership area. Events such as walks, picnics, information exchanges, seminars, racing (lure coursing, straight racing and Uval racing).
We support Conformation shows, hold Specialties, Boosters and Sanction Matches. The Club offers perpetual trophies, which are awarded at our annual Specialty Show. If the winner lives outside of Canada, the trophies are retained by the Club. In all instances keeper trophies are given to the winners. We also have specially purchased gifts awarded at our Booster shows. At Sanction Matches we offer simple gifts as well.
The Club operates an information breed booth at various shows and events with the purpose of educating and promoting the breed. Club members volunteer their own and their dogs’ time at these booths.
Many members have their Rhodesian Ridgebacks in agility and obedience training. Some members have Ridgebacks that are also very active in Therapy Dog programmes.
Racing (lure coursing, straight track and uval racing) is quickly becoming a new and popular activity for the pet owner.
A quarterly newsletter, The Ridgeback Roster, is published for members. It offers interesting articles, show results, advertisments by members, club activities and dates of special events.
A rescue and placement system for Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Distress is supported. Reputable breeders of Rhodesian Ridgebacks will always take their dogs back. See New Homes for Rescue Ridgebacks.
A library on the breed is maintained. Club members may contact the club librarian to borrow an item from our many interesting breed and dog related books.
A Club Boutique allows ridgeback fanciers to purchase unique ridgeback paraphenalia.